Music has got many branches to it when it comes to artists and collaborations. Be it that the artist is collaborating with a another artist or with a brand outside the music scene. It is important to know that artists are influencers and keep in mind the kind of things they endorse.

In February 2020, rapper M.anifest was announced brand ambassador for Absa Bank.

This only reminds me of a line in "Damn you rafiki" off his 2016 "Nowhere Cool" Album where is asked, "Man of influence, well what is it he endorses?". Now, M.anifest was not only asking others to be cautious of what they endorse but also talking to himself to endorse what is right.

Talking about what is right, M.anifest joined forces with "lioness of Africa", Wiyaala and vocal powerhouse, Cina Soul in collaboration with UNICEF to address issues on Human Rights.


This could be one of the features he could have been talking about when he said, "My manager stressing me about features Chasing features can feel so needless But we dey need them, and others need we" since in this it was a mutual benefit between he and UNICEF. 

In that same year, 2020, rapper M.anifest collaborated with Master Card Foundation to education the public of a pending pandemic (Covid19) on #ItsUpToUs

Could this be what M.anifest mean when he said, "Every Tom, Dick, and Zayn don't need to move in one direction" or could he be addressing the issue of his music not been played often on radios or television stations when he said, "So what if most of my songs don't belong in the club? We talking upper echelon i belong in that club..."

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