What's with all the noise, are we not too far gone into the new year for you to still have illusions of joy, happiness and success in the new year? Could it be that you are still high from whatever you took during the X'mas and new year festivities?

Wait, what was that, a monster, where? What sort of society have I even found myself in? You party and express fear the same way. How do you expect the message to get across. For folks always giving lesson on communication, y'all seem to be lacking the basic skills.

Anyway, where's this monster you keep warning me about wherever I pass and why do you shut your doors. Is it not wise to invite me into the safety of your homes instead of leaving me on the street to fend for myself?

Not that I'm bothered, this isn't my first rodeo, I've had to hunt creatures in the wild for survival. I've spent years alone in my humble abode, I've successfully driven away hunting parties and mobs armed to the tee...th

Ooh...wait a minute, when you screamed monster you were referring to me.


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