Music is a form of entertainment and also a channel of educating, and informing one's audience. Over the years, music has been used to channel out lots of messages: love, peace, joy, criticism, hate, sex. Yes Sex, talk of Alkaline Ride on me, Rihanna Sex with me to name a few and all these songs had a way they promoted which made them popular. 

These songs narrative have moved down to close to everyone in the musical fraternity and it's no wonder singer Angiewood uses that medium to put out a single tagged "Bedroom Game". As the name suggests the song talks about what will happen in the act of sex in the bedroom.

Angiewood, first released the official music cover art photo which received a lot of attention, released the song and held a peace concert. 

Then released nude (partially) photos to remind us of her song and why she is nicknamed BadGirl Trender.

Here are the pictures below:

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