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Joanna Nana Ama Kwame

If you're NDC, 3y3 zu..........
If you're NPP, Kukruduuuuu..........

Election Statistics all over the timeline and TV stations, unending twitter trolls, WhatsApp status banters and hope amidst anxiety from "all of us".

It's all over now. What's next?

Congratulations to the President elect, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo. Your Excellency, if you're reading this, I just want to tell you that "ya br3, y3 sanso 3br3"!
So in the name of everything you stand for, please deliver! I don't know how, but you and your people should deliver! Deliver so massive! Reach our grassroots!

Away from the president to you now, try answering these questions for yourself.

Did you Vote? Why did you? Why didn't you? Who did you vote for? Why that candidate? Why not the others?

Could you tangibly answer

I've realised that to a great extent, our affiliation to the political parties we have especially the NDC and NPP is based on prejudice.

The love and hate we have for these two parties was planted in us by our parents, siblings and family while we were kids growing up and these were people we loved, trusted and probably even deemed infallible plus, as innocent and clueless as we were, how could we be against them?Their says about the two political parties was our truth.

So right from childhood, without understanding of politics, we already had a party we support. Some of us grew therein into unflinching supporters. Others switched and also became same.

Now we hear people preach desistance from party loyalty, encouraging us to reason beyond our party colours for the good of our nation but we still have a myriad of us wallowing in there.

It's not our fault, we fell in love with them since childhood. Like they say, it is easy to teach a child than correct a man of old.

For some, its about their financial gains. Who wouldn't be a staunch supporter of their source of income?

It's all right that we affiliate ourselves to political parties but considering the fact that majority if not all of us came to love the NDC and NPP from a place of prejudice, why won't we be open minded or objective in our support?

Objective as in not defending the ills of our NDC or NPP even the gleaming ones!

Objective as in keeping a civil tongue in our heads when speaking of the other party

Objective as in not judging other people "stupid" for belonging on the other side

Objective as in even voting for our "opponent" when there is reason to.

Objective as in reasoning beyond love for our political party, gladly criticising as we would commend.

Objective as in not supposing a thing right just because it's coming from our party.

I think all that requires some intentionality.

Truth to tell, a political party in power may be "doing well" but we refuse to see and acknowledge it because it's not our party. On the other hand, we refuse to see their evil because it's our party.

There's a people who say they are neutrals, they don't support the NDC or NPP or the others. Really, there are people as such. I classify them into three.

Those who indeed don't support any party, vote or even care which party is in power.

Those who vote based on who the candidate is and or works. They say they're called swing voters.

Then there's also some of us who deeeeeeeeep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down our hearts it's the NDC or the NPP but on the surface, it's none of them because we see both as "devils" just one a better "devil"

Whichever you are, don't forget that after all is said and done, you don't become automatically affluent and successful because it's your party in power or because you don't care which party is in power.
Our leaders have their roles to play, we also have our roles to play.

At what point did you start supporting your party? What initially attached you to them?
Let's add some reasoning to our NDC/NPP love game.

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  1. Lovely word, Ama. I think majority needs renewal of mind and heart in order to vote for Ghana and development rather than voting for a political party.

  2. Indeed he must deliver. Great one Joanna

  3. Everything here is so true. You wrote down my heart, God bless you

  4. Wonderful piece. He must deliver

  5. You have done well sweetheart, God bless you.

    This years election is base on issues but it seems like some citizens are still living in the past while others are moving towards 21st century. The love for one political party and hatred for the other will not help Ghana? This is why the other parties are not growing because we don't support them. If not npp then NDC and this has been a norm. During this election, they were mentioning npp,ndc and the rest (others) which is bad. It's time we educate ourselves instead of being educated illiterate. God bless you, God bless Ghana.
    Together we can.

  6. Beautiful piece, keep it up☺️


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