I saw this picture on citifmonline.com a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me of the scripture which says “you are the light of the world, no one lights a lamp and place it under a bed but rather on a lampstand so that all will derive benefit from it”. This can be called my motivation for starting this blog. You may be wondering why the blog is titled Oasis and not something associated with light. To be frank I thought of other names myself and Oasis wasn’t even one of them. It’s even funny how the name came about, but that is a story for another day.
         You will all bear with me that acquiring information and knowledge has become very easy over the years but it is also accompanied by various challenges. The idea behind this blog is to be able to write and also give people the opportunity to post their works on societal issues devoid of politics, to write about ones faith devoid of church doctrines. Oasis is aimed at providing information to people in a manner that is easy to relate to, and also satisfy the social and faith needs of individuals.
     Oasis will be hosting works from a lot of writers but I will like to acknowledge these two writers. They are major contributors to this blog, you can even call them my co-authors. Miss Edna Akonobea and Prince Elikem ‘Uncle Dream’ Heh. Edna is a writer passionate about spreading the gospel and Elikem writes about different societal issues. Let me not spoil the fun and allow you to discover their art yourself.
    Welcome to the Oasis.



  1. We bless God!
    It's my prayer that is not be just one of the blog site but medium of encountering Unadulterated Truth.


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