It is not much but it is accommodating. It is the very cradle of joy and warmth to the heart .
Where you learn to walk right after you wrestle with the soil with all your might and with all your will.
Where you learn to speak politely with your elders and peers right after you fight through a dozen different languages and tongues to locate your mother tongue.
The smell of home is like no other.
It comes with memories that pierce the heart so deep it reaches the very core of your soul.
A place where infants are nurtured and not programmed.
Where women are held dear to heart ,for they are priceless.
Great are women of my home and powerful are the men.
Men who wrestle leopards to the ground with their bare hands and protect their families at any cost and women make the best delicacies with no machines or recipe books.
I am talking about people who are so infused with nature so well that, one can say they are nature’s guardians.
A place where nature is comfortably at ease.
A place where the creator himself holds dear to heart.
Where tradition and culture so rich, the people did not need religion to do right. Yes !! That place where , gold ,milk and honey flowed.
A place so rich in the scientific no one needed to write it down or to proof anything for fame or wealth.
Talking about beer brewing, agriculture, fashion and time reading ? Name it , and it already existed in pure knowledge of the mind and soul, which was passed through a system of home education.
Knowledge was given for free and not imposed at a fee.
I could tell you about home yes!
I could tell you all of it yes!
But whats the point if it does not exist anymore ?
I know .....where could such a lovely place go ? ask.
And what could such a lovely place be called ?
Well there are myths and fairy tales where places are made of gold,milk and honey, but this is not a myth .
This place actually existed but no more .
It actually had women of pure natural beauty but no more.
It had men of godly strength but no more .
It actually had good magic beyond life but no more.
Nature made this land home but no more.
AFRICA we called it but no more .

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