Politics is a phenomenon which has been with us since mankind decided to live in groups and I believe it will stay with us to the end of time. Most people limit politics to just activities associated with the governance of a country and debates that parties make about power. But politics goes far beyond that. It involves everything associated with the governance of groups and all areas of leadership. Our religious institutions are not exempted from politics, on the other hand, politics in religious institutions tend to be Messier than anywhere else and has led to the collapse of many churches and other religious institutions.
    Most people argue that politics is not open to everyone. Yes I agree, but do we really want it to be easy to enter into politics? Most if not all African countries gained their independence because a few educated and wealthy citizens decided to come together to fight for their freedom and for many years education and wealth has become a significant characteristic of a politician. One will think being the elite in society will be enough motivation to keep our politicians away from corrupt practices but we all know how the story goes.
   Politicians are elected to represent the people but what we see now are politicians representing their political parties and causing divisions among the population, inciting fear, calling people to arms and raining insults on their counterparts.
  Is this the same tool that our founding fathers used to bring our people together? or what we call politics now is different from that of our founding fathers? I  find it very difficult to understand how a phenomenon which served as a tool for unity and progress is now the major cause of divisions, conflicts and wars.

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  1. You have said it all bro.
    Are we being led by leaders or people with personal interests.


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