Heard of her on the 2016 Nowhere cool album by  the GodMc, M.anifest. Today we are listening to the Ga Mashi Ep by singer and song writer; Cina Soul.

Cina Soul; born Christie Ruincyna Quarcoopome, Cina soul is an amazing Ghanaian 'Soulstress' who came into limelight after emerging as the first runner-up at the Vodafone Icons Remix Edition in 2016. Cina studied at Aburi Girls Senior High School and the University of Ghana where she studied Psychology and Archaeology. She grew up listening to a lot of Soul & R&B, greatly influenced by her father who was such a soul music enthusiast. As a result, she learnt so much from legends in that genre such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Irene Logan.
Cina has the perfect attributes of a cross-over artist. The fusion of her native tongue and her understanding of music and cultural flexibility allows her to easily fit in with any brand suitable for her market. She has released hit songs such as "12:0l adm remix", "Killi mi".

The Ga Mashi is an extended playlist after she dropped Metanoia in 2017. It starts Ojorley which translates to mean..... in English.
She doubled up to release a very beautiful concept video to back it up. The video which was produced by Senkuband and directed by Gene Adu.

Tatale plays as the second song on the project with an all traditional instruments. The 3 minutes 11 seconds song could easily be placed on repeat without getting  bored. Shi me which was the next track off the project kept same traditional instruments but this time, was more vibely.
The Kayso produced Olakami track was next on the playlist. Olakami was the only song which had an artist featured on it. This artist was none other but the Kpeme hit maker, B4Bonah.
It was at this point  Ojorley was the next track and we remembered it was an EP we were playing.

So what do we think about the Ga Mashi Ep?
Ga Mashi is a blend of African melodic tunes coupled with indigenous Ghanaian rhythms and lyrics from the Ga land and its worth listening today.

Cina Soul is currently promoting "Killi Mi," a song which is tackling issues of domestic, sexual and emotional abuse.
Watch "Killi mi" below:

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