I hear you,
I see you,
I feel your pain, well that's a lie, cos I'm still trying to grasp the concept.
You keep ranting about how no one is showing you love and how everyone is out to get you.
You are so busy posting your wins and warning haters you haven't even got yet, you've not noticed what you are losing.
You tag anyone who dares to criticise you an enemy, you are so lost in your delusions you can't even tell they are people who care about your wellbeing.
You losing friends and family, you are losing yourself, there's no nicer way to say this, you are losing it.
But in a world of monsters and wanna be monsters, delusions and paranoia might just help you survive.

Maybe you are right and the world is out to get you,
But why spend all your time and energy focused on those out to get you when you could spend that time with our loved ones.
You spend hours,  day, weeks trying to prove your enemies wrong yet you never get the satisfaction you seek.
Your loved ones have believed in you from day one, why not focus on them instead.
The choice is yours, but remember your decision today has consequences tomorrow.

What if you are wrong
And all you believe is a result of too many movies
What if you actually have no haters at all😒


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