A flashbulb memory is a vivid, enduring memory associated with a personally significant and emotional event, often including such details as where the individual was or what he or she was doing at the time of the event. People often believe that such memories have the quality of a photograph taken at the moment they experienced the event, and they believe with high confidence that these memories are accurate. A significant memory I can categorize as a flashbulb memory happened twelve years ago.

A lot of people say children are least affected by the past but in my experience children find ways to preserve memories in the purest form. In psychology it is believed that memories are recreated each time we remember, what this means is we recreate memories from our experiences in the world and in some instances we tend to exaggerate or understate events. what this means is that a memory you consider profound could be influenced by something fictional like a movie.

This is why I don't talk about my past, I try to keep them as intact as possible. Unfortunately that's why today is so f*cked up. 12 years ago today my teacher asked me where my mum was, it was quite weird but I didn't care because I was just waiting for classes to end since mum will be discharged from the hospital. Unknown to me was the fact that mum had passed away. I can walk you through the events of that day like it just happened yesterday. For most people such a memory will disturb them but not me.

So why am I having this session? I don't really know. Truth is I wish we had a small ceremony as a family to mark this day but I know it will make them sad so it's better this way. Why not talk to a friend then? I tried but just didn't know how to start the conversation, I know for a guy who tells folks to talk to others I really suck at it.

So here is something from the heart:

Your last words was for us to be good boys

we might not be at the good boys but we fight less now

wish I had something fancy to write but I don't

I just hope you're proud of your boys

you've got a genius and a monster, and you'll forever be in our hearts.  


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  1. Oh my!. This is beautiful. I love the transition from flash bulb memories to the letter to your late mum.
    Maybe I should write my late dad one


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