The toil of our forefathers is the train we rode We stood on the shoulders of our fathers to get to the first step. 

Their struggle and pains they endured catapulted us to heights they couldn't reach.        

Their blood and sweat refreshed us when we needed it most.

Our success is not just a reflection of the work we put in but it is a result of the sacrifices and the toil of our fathers.                                            

We are the pride of our families, our success is not just ours, for we live the dreams of our forefathers, advance the visions of our fathers and carry the hopes of our brothers.

This is just the begining                                             We are at a higher level but the story remains the same, just as our forefathers did for us, we must do same and even greater things for our children and their children.

We are the third generation of hustlers and strugglers trying to birth the first generation of ballers.

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