Written by: Asempa 

Well, it seems just impossible; simply because it is actually impossible
My fear of rejection makes it almost impossible.
Impossible to approach that beauty
Beauty structured not only by looks and curves; by heart and actions
A heart loamy and viable
Fertile it becomes as I accumulate courage to go closer
The closer I get, the more the fear of rejection.

Moving closer, I see her eyes. They reflect the sun’s ray unto mine
Her dimples so deep; a fork lift is the only way to save anyone who falls in them
Her smiles so broad and Oh! Her smile. Yes! Her smile.
I cannot just stop…. Her smiles!
Her teeth, guess they were carved out of diamond stones

She walks towards me and chuckles mildly.
“Hello dear”, I heard drums beating right under her chin
She spoke looking straight into my eyes
Her voice blindfolded and took away my freedom of speech
While in my blind position, I saw sketches of her curvy hips

The stars did that little trick
Eyes open and Huh! She is miles away from me
I turned sadly to see her hug tightly another guy
Well it is actually impossible to have her
Because, it is just impossible. 

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