“What was supposed to be an outdooring 
Of joy
Of love and of life
Is now the naming 
Of sorrow
Of tears and of grief.”

“What was meant to be the engagement
Between happiness and togetherness
The two core subjects everyman must pass to stay woke
Is now the marriage 
Between bitterness and anger
And the ring of infidelity.” 

“What was meant to be the graduation 
Of culture and tradition
Without any compromise
Is now the passing - out 
Of tribalism and racism.”

Is the world a stage?
If yes,
Then why are we not allowed to have an audition to choose our parents?
Why must we be born free yet everywhere in chains?
Why are our critics so mean?

Fantasies are mixed up in everyman’s head
Dreams of good life free from sorrow only exist in the head
Nothing clicks, nothing makes sense
Luck seems to have travelled to another planet
Everything is messed up
The world is such an abattoir.

Everyman is confused
Everyman is lost in thoughts
Everyman feels cheated 
But everyman still believes;
“The world is a play scripted by the Supreme Being
And being directed by our own conscience.”


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