Falling in love and accepting or proposing is one thing and staying in the relationship is another thing all together. Having the strength, tolerance and patience to be in the relationship is another level of energy that's required to keep the relationship moving.
No, this is not a "Love class 101" but having that mindset to want to apologise can work magic in a relationship.
It is for this reason, rapper and singer, Jesse Roddy sings "sorry" on his recently released Ep. He accepts his flaws and apologise for the wrong he done and wants to make corrections to his "ohemaa" (his girlfriend) whom we don't know.
Seems the unknown girlfriend has accepted the apology so Jesse goes on to tell her all the good things she has done for him on "Only you."

Only you, reassures the lady and makes a beginning of an already existing relationship which has been full of love. But sometimes, it's not your thought and plans towards a lady which the lady also want. Sometimes life changes and people as well change so in Jesse Roddy's story, it's unfortunate it did not go well. On "E be like," it seems the lady's taste for quality and money went up and Jesse could not afford so the lady called off the relationship but also, she explains that he does not give her the necessary attention.
She explains in the beginning of the song which was a phone conversation where the chat went, "Jesse, please I want a break up... You don't care about me, you don't think about me, you don't give me the attention I need, you are always about music and I am sick and tired of that..."
Could this be the same reason Jesse was heard apologising in "Sorry"?

Now, Jesse Roddy is a single guy and needs to put his head in the game either going fully music or back into a relationship but this time with a supportive lady. 

"Head up" took us back to his life, his story and how the struggle was real and bad then. He talks about his coming up, the obstacles he faced on the street as he asks "why are you niggers hating on me?"
You could tell it was a real struggle but also Jesse took to music, he decided to hit music fully. May be that's the reason we did not hear a love song on the track 4 off the "The Come up" Ep.

"Street Prayer" only confirms how much love Jesse Roddy has for music as he highlights the struggles again but is also hopeful things will get better. Jesse on "Street Prayer" seems to have picked inspiration from Ace rapper and singer Joey B as he says "streets yɛ cold" in a similar manner he (Joey B) said it on "Cold" 

In all, "The Come Up" Ep is a solid project and the choice of instrumentation was very much on point. It's going to appeal to a wide range of listener be it those who love lyricism or the afrobeats vibes.

Stream the full Ep below:

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