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 Look into my eye balls when I pass you by 

Can't you feel the happiness it display
This feeling of intense bliss and euphoria
You should try to join instead of asking me to stop
You say that I do drugs but honestly, I think I'm in therapy
My heart beat is sound and smooth and I'm full of joy
Yet the palpitations in your heart, so rigorous from all that hard work
I'm elated and happy, with goosebumps every now and then
Yet you throw yourself at your job so hard, your stress level so high
Who are you to ask me to stop, your work will kill you as fast as my "drugs" will do me.
We are both drowning in a substance, yet society encourages you more than me.
I ride solo with joy by my side and you amass worries and responsibilities with the family you create
I don't even have a home or a person to call mine, but the intense pleasure I experience every night at God knows where, is all I need
You on the other hand, your beautiful house and lovely partner is not even thrilling , because all that work during the day leaves no room to please yourself as you plod into sleep early for your next shift
Time gone by quickly and my body weakened from all those extremities but so have you also weakened from all that hard work you put yourself through
We are both sore from our actions and old and clumsy
Yet I don't know why I seem to regret it now, I still ride solo yet It's not fun anymore
I want a family to take care of me now, a partner and offsprings to listen to my days of adventure
Kinda like you have now, you are being taken care of by family at home
You have joy and peace even though you are dying slowly
You'll go down in peace and happiness
I can't say the same about my end though
I am being tormented, nightmares and anxiety, cravings for more ecstasy yet my body is too old to bare all that excitement it provides but I can't stop
I want more but it's killing me, I black out a lot
I don't remember half of what happens in the day
Tantrums and chaos , restlessness and despair
Yet I can't stop, I keep going back to my love, my ecstasy
It's a painful way to go but I deserve it
Kind of like the Chinese symbol representing moon and light, darkness and day, "yin and yang" we both chose how to end our journeys
You started out in darkness and ended in light
My lit days were beautiful and my darkness extreme.

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