This is Ghana, this is 2020, this is election year.
Hmm, what's on your mind? Election, voting, will they even fulfil their promises? Is it one of those political talks? Ah well, only they know. I asked, "Who would paint a perfect picture of Ghana politics, politicians and voters?"

It's sad I could not get a perfect picture. Rather, I found perfect songs telling the story of what's happening in the political phase. Let's check them out:


Worlasi's song on Boomplay
Off the Worla (The man and the God) album, Worlasi tells us what this politicians tells us and then comes back to tell us how we also behave.
 Meanwhile while Wanlov the Kubolor is also saying
"One president be teef
The other one be junkie
We dey swing between dema parties
Like horny zombie monkeys
We know say dem dey lie
But wot we go fit do?"


Wanlov the Kubolor's song on Boomplay
Or could it be that we're scared to ask for what's right as Burna Boy said" My people serve they fear too much
We fear the thing we no see
One day all of us go die
We always get reason to fear
Fight for your right o you go to fear
Police go slap you,you go to fear
Fight for your pikin dem no go to fear
You go to fear fear fear"

Collateral Damage

Burna Boy's song on Boomplay


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