"Been a minute", a typical cliché of the American slang when it's been a while. 

People that follow my write ups on theOasisgh knows how long it's been since I put a piece up . Miss me or not ,I certainly don't give a damn about that, and that's the point isn't it ?
Creating a franchise where you have the luxury to go to work when you want to ? I may not be succesful enough to take such long breaks but I certainly am lazy enough though. (Lol) that's a really bad joke though, but I welcome all those readers that laughed about it . At least you are the few that believe in my imaginary wealth. They say the rich man's joke is absolutely funny no matter how bad.
I enjoy the feedbacks from readers and I ought to keep the ratings going up but hey, I needed the time off for myself . Away from thoughts pertaining what to post next and how to make it sound good.
Look on the bright side , I'm back and I honestly don't care if that intrigues you or not , since the concept "hater" is a natural occurrence in vison-less individuals like some of you. This is certainly not an insult if you are not a hater though . Anyways anticipate, a lot has happened in the last few months or so and I'll probably be scribbling everything down from hope to love and eventually to war. I'm not leaving black empowerment and history out though, they say there isn't much hope for my people but people like me , we just can't stop talking about HOME because it is what makes us tick.


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