So I travelled to the United States of America to study at Oxford University. I also had to work in order to cater for myself and send money home to my mum and son. Things were going well. I manage to even buy a second-hand car I use for my rounds. I was doing two jobs in addition to my school. I only sleep for 2 hours.

One day after closing from my night job, I decided to take another route home. A friend said that the route was shorter. On my way going I realize the road was very quiet. I decided to play some gospel music to keep me awake since my eyes were refusing to stay awake. But I was still sleeping on the steer. I   can't tell what happened. The only thing I heard as Boom!!!!

My eyes got opened and I was in the hospital. My head, legs and arms were bandaged. I felt so much pain. Immediately my eyes got opened, and me realizing where I was my heart jumped. Oh my God, I crushed the car. I am in big trouble. I don't have any relatives or friends in this town. I don't even have money to pay, just in case I have destroyed anything. The pain vanished immediately. Oh God, I  need you more than ever. I can't be imprisoned or deported back to Ghana.

As my mind wondered about the extent of damage I done, the Doctor came in. Hi Madam, how are you? My eyes were wild open looking at the Doctor. Why is she smiling plenty like that?
Please we need to operate on you. I shouted and said please I can't afford it. She smiled again and said. Don't worry, your friend who brought you here has deposited a lot of money for your upkeep. She continued and said he was going to make some settlements at the police station. I just can't think far, who is this friend? Or is it the Ghost of my dad.

The Operation was successful, but the Doctors can not tell when I will walk again. I have been confined to a wheelchair. I laid on my hospital bed thinking of my life. Why am I always involved in unfortunate circumstances? What next with me. I'm  in a foreign country, no relative and no money. How will I survive? So many thoughts rushing through my head.

I heard a knock on the door and this Gentle handsome guy came in with the doctor. The doctor was telling him that the operation was very successful, but they can't tell when I will be able to use my legs again. He smiled and said thanks Doc. You have done your part, Jesus will carry it from here. The Doctor said Amen Rev and she went out.

The gentleman got close to me and put his hands on my hand and said: "Good evening miss, please how are you?". I am..... I could not open my mouth, tears filled my eyes and started to drop. He brought out his handkerchief, cleaned my face. He said " I'm  Jayden, but you can call me Jay". And I want to tell you that you are alive for a reason. Your accident was very serious. And you been alive is pure miracle. His words were entering deep into my heart.........

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