Founder of Obaapaa Foundation NanaHemaa Adwoa Awindor has revealed that, they have sent about 70 Teenage Mothers Back To School.

Speaking to the press at the launch of Teenage Mothers Back To School at Berekuso on 26th of February 2020, NanaHemaa disclosed that, Obaapaa Foundation has seen to it that about 70 teenage mothers are back to school.

She further stated that, Teenage Mothers Back To School is an initiative they at Obaapaa Foundation are championing in the whole country and looking forward to launch it in every district across the country.

Again some teenage mothers who are being left home by guardians because of financial issues are help with logistics by Obaapaa Foundation to get back to school. They also encourage and empower teenage who finds it difficult to return to school.

However, they are looking forward to send 100 teenage mothers back to school by the end of March. She then, gave thanks to all and sundry who supports such great initiative.

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