This shameless guy also took off his clothes and was coming close to me. I wanted to resist but he slapped me and pushed me to the floor.
I was crying, but he does not even care. He RAPED ME MERCILESSLY. After he was done, he dropped 50gh on the floor and went off with this Friend. I was left on the floor bleeding.

I was there for several hours, I just couldn't stand up. I cried and cried. At the moment, I knew my whole life had come to an end. Not only was the pain I was feeling unbearable, but the worst part was the shame I was feeling. I felt soo worthless. At that very moment, I just wanted to die. Yes, death wass the only thing that could take away this shame and pain that I felt.

 Now it was night, everywhere was quiet. I could feel my breath  gradually fading away. My long awaited death was coming. In spite of the pain, I knew in a short while, it will all be over. Hmm, my parents. All of a sudden, the thought of my mum and dad filled my thoughts. I know they will die too. I knew my dad will die first. His world will simply crumble. How can one guy, wipe away my family from the surface of the earth. I must fight to be alive. I must be strong not only for myself but for my parents. As the thoughts kept going throug my head, I heard the  my dad calling my name. I was almost gone, but the shout brought me back. He kept shouting my Flower, please where are you?
I was struggling to stand up because I simply couldn't  shout. I manage to stand up and in my attempt to take a step I fell heavily to the ground.

I woke up and found myself at the hospital. I saw my parents seated beside me with tears in their eyes. My Dad got close to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead and said: "my beautiful flower, we love you". My mum's tears started to drop. I Saw dad trying to signal her to stop and be strong. But my Mum couldn't hold it. The tears increased.
She opened her mouth and said angrily "Which Beast has destroyed my daughter's life like this, oh God what has she done". My Dad came close to her and put his hands on her shoulder. He spoke to her softly and said "dear please she needs us to be strong for her. Please control yourself".
At that moment, I knew I was not dreaming. My life had been destroyed indeed.
I started to cry, my tears were just uncontrollable. I started to shout "oooh God, why me". My dad couldn't hold his tears back anymore, he started to cry like a baby.
He said " my flower, please don't worry. I will find those devil's and make sure they pay for what they have done to you".

I spent close to a  week at the hospital, before been discharged to go home. My parents never left my side. When I  got home the news was all over the town. I learnt the guy went around telling people he has broken my virginity.  I couldn't go out of my house. My friends from school were trooping into my house to verify if it was true......

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