I'm in love, that's the last thing he said. Now he is dangling from a branch with a rope around his neck. We paid no attention to him before but today he is the center of attention as we wait for the priest whose rosary dangles around his neck daily to come say a prayer for his soul so we can bury him with his ancestors.

You think that's sad? Sad is the lady that came before him. She spent her days crying and when she was not doing that, she was begging a guy she called "King". We could only look on in confusion because he did not belong to any royal family known to us. In fact most paupers we knew even looked better than he did. In the end her King was her executioner.

Depressed, that's the story of another gentleman. This brother could not concentrate at work, he lost his appetite, had sleepless nights. What he showcased to the entire world brought about his doom.

You saw a tear drop when you said "I'm in love" it wasn't because I was seeing my little one leave but because I've witnessed so much lost as a result of love. I know what follows the proclamation of love. I shed a tear because you have no idea what is coming.

 Alone in my room I said a prayer for you. I hope all your fairy tale dreams come true or at least you learn to forgive, listen and compromise because that's the only way you can live happily ever after little one.

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