Written by: Abike💋

Episode one💄
📝 Writer's POV📝
A man came out to throw out a little bowl of water, but as he was about to stepped in a bike stopped at the front of the house dropping a young lady, when we are speaking about an epitome of beauty, we don't need to search anywhere, just come straight to this young lady,she is having this great shape that most guys can kill for, figure eight shape, she has a dimple at her left cheek, well set of white teeth,well shaped eyebrows with natural long eyelashes, round lips but her lips are a bit small and her lower lip is natural pink while the upper lips is as fair as her face, she is fair in complexion and she is not too tall and not to short, not too skinny and not to fat, she paid the bike man while he left, she move closer to her dad collecting the bowl in his hand she greeted him while they both walked in, she dropped the bowl and her bag she sat next to her dad who was just smiling
Dad:Am sure you are wondering about two things right now Jarefunmi
Jare:Of course dad, why are you smiling and why are you home so early today?
Dad: Jarefunmi
Jare:Yes Dad!
Dad: Actually something happened at my work today?
Jare:Eh! What happened, is everything ok?
Dad: Everything is fine, just that my boss was saved by me today
Jare:Oh my God!Mr Samson?
Dad:Of course he is ok, just that, I was at my post today with my colleagues, I just don't know why, I just felt like seeing my boss, so I stood up to check on him inside, but I was surprised to see him..

Flash back📝
Jare's Dad left his post at the gate he went in to check on Mr Samson but he was suprised to see him breathing so hard looking for his inhaler, he joined him looking for it, jare's Dad found Mr Samson inhaler in one of his jacket in his wardrobe, he quickly gave it to him to use after thirty minutes of resting
Mr Samson: You don't know what you just did for me, you just saved my life and am very greatful, I guess I dropped it by mistake in that jacket, thank you so much
Jare's Dad:you are welcome sir, I also don't know why I stood up from my seat to check on you, I guess this is written'Both smile'
Mr Samson:Yes, it is written that you will save my life today and therefore I want to reward you with two things, firstly, the two bedroom flat at the back of my house you can start living there, and beside you told me that your house rent is due, and beside you always come late to work, so you can start using that for now to stop using an Escuze that your house is far
Jare's Dad:you mean I can move in here,with my daughter?
Mr Samson:Of course you can and one more thing, use this moment to ask for anything,just anything but one
Jare's Dad:you mean aside from the two bedroom flat?
Mr Samson:Yes, Ask me anything you want
Jare's Dad:'He was speechless for some minutes and said'I don't know if am asking for too much, but I will like you to help my daughter to finish her education
Mr Samson:Done!
Jare's Dad:What?!
Mr Samson:I said it's done, your daughter will be attending my University for free till she finish
Back to present📝
Jare:What?! Dad you mean am going to that school?
Dad:Yes you are, Mr Samson Said we should move in next week and he gave me two days off
Jare: Wow! Am speechless that am going to the school that worth 2 million per semester for free,Holy Jesus!...
Episode two loading🥰🥰🥰

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