Just You🤷‍♀🥰
Written by :Abike💋

Episode two💋
📝 Jare's POV📝
I still can't believe that I'm in this Mr Samson's house, it's really a big villa,I can't wait to see my room,I just can't wait
Mr Samson:This must be your daughter?
Jare's dad:Yes sir, this is my only daughter, oluwajarefunmi
Mr Samson:I guess I will have to short her name to jare
Jare's dad: Please do sir
Mr Samson: Anyway, I have arranged her to my first child which is my daughter who is heading the school, you can rely on her, she will help you and feel free to go to her anytime you want,she maybe quite if you see her,but she is very kind and friendly, anything you want or you are curious about, just go to her, because your Dad has done me the greatest thing, he saved my life, so anything for his daughter
Jare:Thank you so much sir, I promise you that you won't regret this sir
Mr Samson:It's ok jare, I will have to go now, because I have a meeting and I think I have a little issue to sort out in America, am sure your Dad understand me
Jare's dad:Of course I do sir
Mr Samson:Good, so from the meeting I am going right now, I want to see to that issue, the flat is at the back, so take care
Jare's Dad:Thank you so much sir

They both went in looking round the two bedroom flat
Jare:I guess this is my room, She jumped on the soft bed while her Dad smile
Jare:Oh less I forget, what business is your boss trying to sort out?
Jare's dad:Oh that's an issue about his son in USA
Jare:He has a son apart from his daughter that is taking care of the school?
Jare:Of course,his son is the heir to all these properties, he was sent to America four years ago to look after his dad's business
Jare:You mean he attended that same school before?
Jare's dad:Yes he do, but the secondary school because my boss has a senior secondary school also but his son was having a big fight with his friend which is the senator's son, so they sent him to America to thier  company over there,just to separate  both of them, but I think he said he will only come to finish his education this time around and then go back to America without causing more problems,he has really been a bad boy before he left the country and i learnt that he and his friend that are now enemies made the kids life over there hard,some withdraw and some dropped out, some got transferred,and so on like that,and the Senate son has never stop acting crazy too in that school,just please focus,don't be anyone's target in that school,both the girls and boys because the girls are really harsh and cold too,so mind your steppings,but the school is a great school and the best if you focus and if you don't get anything just go to madam jarin
Jare:Who is madam jarin?
Jare's dad: That's the boss daughter,she is divorced but she had a daughter before she divorced
Jare:But what really happened, why is the boss son fighting with his friend,what cause that and how come the boss daughter madam jarin is divorced,why?
Jare's dad:Jare I don't know that, but please take care of yourself in that school, you know it's for the rich kids, one of the president son is attending that school
Jare:'Her eyes almost popped out'What!
Jare's dad:Of course, it's a school for the rich kids, you are only lucky, and never misuse this opportunity, if they try to step on you, let them be, if you are insult, just let them be because that's the only way for you to come out with flying colors, be a good girl, ignore everything they will do to you and focus on what you are going there to do, which is success
Jare:Thank you Dad, you Know am not a bad child, and I promise to try my best, I will make you proud Dad...
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