Just You🤷‍♀🥰
Written by :Abike💋

Episode three💄
📝 Writer's POV📝
The next day, Jare was standing at the front of jarin's office waiting for her to attend to the people she was talking to, after waiting for fifteen minutes, a lady with puppy face wearing a leather black jacket with a white inner top, a black leather trouser and a white canvas approached Jare where she was sitting, she move closer to Jare, while jare looked up to see her staring at her
Lady:Who are you?
Lady:I guess you can't hear me, I said whooo aree youuuuuuu?
Jare:oh sorry am Jare
Lady:Jare? Jare? 'she make a puppy cute face trying to get the meaning of the name
Jare:Oh it means oluwajarefunmi
Lady: Wow! Is that a single name or all your names?
Jare:Oh that's a single name, you can short it to Jare
Lady: Whatever, well am love, Ife! Ifeoluwa
A lady coming towards them, she sat with them
Ife: Are you monitoring me?
Lady:oh you didn't tell me that your boyfriend has employed me to look after you
Ife:Torera don't talk about my boyfriend like that, you Know I don't joke with him
Torera: Whatever
Ife: Anyways, Torera meet my new friend Jare
Torera:Oh my God! Your new friend, just like that
Ife:Well I and you started from somewhere right? whatever! Jare meet Torera, my old friend
Torera:Oh! I feel like smacking you right now, 'Jare smile '
Ife:Try it and I will report you to my boyfriend
Torera: Speaking of that your boyfriend I think I need to report you to him
Ife:Oh my gee! No no no, what have I done, you can't tell him
Voice:Well I heard already
Ife:Oh, oh no!
A cute guy walked towards them, he moved closer to Ife who was pretending to be busy on phone, he gave her a short kiss on her lips
Ife:Oh, I told you not to steal kiss from me just like that
Guy:I guess that's a punishment for you
Ife:I didn't do anything
Guy:Look this girl, of course you do a lot, told you not to wear anything black today, told you not to have chocolate today
Ife:'shocked'I didn't have chocolate today I only take a sip, wait are you spying on me, oh God I feel like killing you right now Kelvin, but I won't do that because you are my boyfriend and beside you are too cute
Kelvin:He Make a baby face' Really?
Torera:Will you please keep your Romeo and Juliet till you are alone, we have a new student
Kelvin:Oh, That's great, but why is this new student so cute, 'He move his face closer to her face to get a proper view
Ife:Oh my gee! Did my boyfriend just dump me
Torera:He is about to
Ife:Noooooo! 'She dragged Kelvin face to look at her face instead'No look at my face am cute more than her, right?
Kelvin:of course you are, she is not as cute as you are
Torera:'She make a smirk' For your plastic mind
Kelvin: Anyway, I guess she has went to see prince before it's too late for her
Jare:Sorry who is Prince?
Ife:oh my gee! You can't call his name like that, call it with respect
Kelvin:Oh my God, did my girlfriend just dump me?
Torera: Continue dumping each other
Kelvin:Don't tell me you are still crushing on him, you can't love me and be crushing on him
Ife:'Making a baby face' Sorry handsome
Kelvin:I feel like kissing you
Ife:Awwwwn, please do
Kelvin:No it's a punishment, He walked away jokingly while Ife followed him
Ife:My rain, my umbrella, my Google..
Torera:So sorry about that, they acts that way, sometimes they look cute and sometimes they don't look cute but as a child
Jare:I think they look cute right now
Torera:Oh really, but seriously girl you have to go and visit prince, am sure they have noticed you the moment you stepped in to this school and after five hours if you are in this school and you don't go and see him, you will be in prince list
Jare:Sorry who is prince?
Torera:The senator's son' Jare's eyes almost popped out she remembered what her dad told her...
Dad:The Senate president has never stop acting crazy'Jare check her wrist watch, she was shocked, she said I came in this school four hours thirty minutes ago
Torera:Girl you have to go right now, it's just a gretting that's all
Jare: Please where is the place?
Torera:Let's go, the moment they left jarin came out to check on jare but she was nowhere to be found
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