We stood at different ends of the bridge with fire in the middle
As fate would have it, I was stuck with both a galon of petrol and a galon of water
I gave my inner gentleman the chance and made an effort to stop the fire
But you had your own plans
You wanted to enjoy the process, one that was set to end with destruction
Your curiosity got the better part of you and I understand you
The flames were beautiful, who could imagine something so beautiful being so deadly
So I stood by as you did nothing
Truth be told, I enjoyed it as much as you did, the warmth provided a relief I needed
A relief from my cold heart and your cold stare
Meek was right, there's a lesson you learn when you see a bridge burning

Heard you shouting from the other side
Folks indeed do burn bridges and expect you to send a yatch
Every story needs a villain so I volunteer to be yours
of course there's nothing you can say or do thats gonna hurt me
I've endured so much nothing hurts anymore
I guess you finally got the monster you couldn't stop whining about

I do want to see you happy
The reason is unclear to me
I want to see the happiness you made a fuss about
I also need it to settle into my new role
cos I wouldn't be much of a monster if my absence didn't make you happy.

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