When the problems grow fast,
                         The worries seem not to last,
Solutions refusing to pop up fast 
Don't despair, just relax
Cos the world is big and vast 
But nothing in it shall last. 

Find a drink 
Take a sip 
And let all slip 

Sister! When they gossip about you
For not being married
Don't be sad and worried 
Baba God have special choice for you.
Perhaps when Mr.right comes for you,
In a palanquin, like a queen, you shall be carried.

Give your foes a taste of an empty grip
To satisfy their gnashing teeth
As you slide and glide on success.
Mind not their lips
And find a soft drink 
Take two deep sips
Perhaps get a magazine
Take some few flips 
And watch that problem as it slips.

Brother! When they disrespect and reject you 
Cos of sickness or poverty
Don't lose hope, God got special plan for you 
One day you shall own a priceless property
And they shall respect and address you properly.

Brood not over worries
Cry not for previous stories
Flip on to your glories
And celebrate your victories.

Today may be a day of pain 
Tomorrow may be a day of gain.
Wait for God and don't complain
Your problems need a good brain
Not tears as plenty as rain
Nor a mouth stinking with complains.
 By: Abdallah Hudu Maiga 
    (Maiga De poet)


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