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Save Society Today Foundation presents the Emotional Man Conference
Creating a support system for men

The aim of the emotional man conference is to give men the opportunity to come together and address unanswered questions and emotional issues by sharing insights and ideas thereby empowering men to live a life of clarity and purpose. We want to raise a people who will be the best sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers and leaders in all their endeavors. The conference will be the flag off of our online support system for men.
Where: Jos Business School Gold & Base Layout Off Rayfield Road Jos.
When: 30th March, 2019
Time: 10am to 1:30pm

In the words of our CEO, whoever told men not to show emotions forgot to tell them not to have emotions at all. Now, we have men dying from emotions that they've refused to show- On the outside, one will think that the majority of men are happy. Masked in their poise and faux happiness, a large percentage of men are unhappy, so much so that they have resorted to taking their own lives. Statistics show that for every one woman that commits suicide, four men have taken their lives.

They call it weakness when a man tries to be normal. Toughen up, they say, don't you know you're a man? If you appear vulnerable, the world will eat you up. So men create a version of themselves that wasn't supposed to exist so they can fit into the mold created by the society. And so, influenced by their backgrounds and environments, they conform to societys definition of dominancy. This is not to say men are bad in any case; it is to say that men are not immune to emotional problems. Hence the need to create awareness of the struggles men go through.

We dare to ask men, Are You Happy? The responsibilities of life are ever increasing, the commitment to family is unending and the desire to speak out those silent lost thoughts is consuming.
So we ask again, are you Happy?

About Save Society Today Foundation
Save Society Today Foundation is a youth-led NGO that aims to bridge the gap between those that need help and those that can offer help. It's a confluence of idealism and reality. Our area of interest include SDG 03 & 04, specifically Mental Health (Suicide Prevention activities)  and Counseling (Guidance & Counseling activities) respectively  and Youth Empowerment.
Our vision is to be a bridge through which every organization and individual in the society has access to the human and natural resources they need to thrive. And to raise a generation of young people that will rule, subdue and dominate the world with a positive perspective. We do this by educating and ensuring that organizations and individuals pursue with diligence their mandates by affiliating them with consulting firms, both short and long term to ensure consistent productivity, and by helping young people discover and utilize the positive energies within them towards living and leading a transformative life. The team is led by Oluwatosin Olabode (@doublest_sst).

More about us and what we do can be found at:
Instagram: Doublestfoundation
Twitter: Doublestfoudatn
Facebook: Doublestfoundation

For enquires: or 07080889837

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