Dreaded by the unseen enemy
That which crawls within the inner me
That which I can not see yet I feel
A feeling of intense wrong it gives
I feel my body slowly submitting
The will of the unseen is great
How does something so cruel and murderous ,
How did such a thing gain access to the inner me
Should I pray?
Maybe a drug may,
Maybe i should poison it with chemicals
But wait this unseen enemy has made union with me
My effort to poison it will put me at risk
OH relieve me from pain, relieve me from hurt

I have come to value good health
I have come to realize the sweetness of good health
Running at top speed up the hill and down I miss
Jumping at my highest to rebound a basketball I miss
A long laugh over a silly joke with my pal I miss
Yet here I lay on my smelly sick bed
Like a 1000 year old mummy I lay
Stiff and unmoved as ancient cockroaches dance around the corpse
OH relieve me from pain , relieve me from hurt

I can not even eat right
Mum's  delicious meals smell so right
Yet my appetite is gone, which is not right!
What happened to my monstrous appetite
I used to compete with bears at dinner
How do you feel my dear lovely mother
She will be heartbroken and hurt
Like a first time mother who miscarried
OH man i value good health
I shall not do my body wrong no more
I dread disease, i value life.
OH relieve  me from pain, relieve me from hurt 

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