Heard a loud noise, I quickly said a short prayer hoping it was not another explosion  at a filling station. I instinctively raised my head towards the sky to see if there was smoke in the air but there wasn't. I nearly breathed a out in relief until I realised what it was. It was the sound of the dreams, goals and aspirations being crushed. It is a sound that the whole population has grown death to, it used to break our hearts and scare us soo much because it's sound and and the reactions it elicited was second only to an atomic bomb. I wonder how we could be so comfortable with it now.

With a heavy heart  I continued my journey, I call it a journey because that is what it felt like, moving from the street to my lecture hall has never been this long. I could felt my eyes swell with tears as a young boy rose from his bed of stone and came towards pointing to his mouth with his handing indicating that he wanted money so he could eat. He was the same age as my younger brother in preschool  but lacked almost all the characteristics of a child. There was no spark in his eyes. He smiled or at least showed an expression  that represented a smile as I handed him a one cedi note.

I couldn't believe my ears, was the world playing a bad joke on me or was I being tortured for some wrong I did? A lecture on poverty and inequality. Haven't I learnt enough for the day, but it was very informative and helped to understand certain things but I still don't understand how we could know so much yet cause so little change in our society.

The journey back home was tense , I kept wondering how we could all overlook such a thing, but it was not long before I realised why, our streets are made of the crushed dreams, hopes and aspirations of millions of people.

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