John 1 is established that Christ is the word.  The coming of Christ into the world was not to perform miracles and healings. He came to give us himself thus the word which is also our authority in him. The words Christ spoke carried the power to heal and the miracles that took place.
As believers of his word, we have the power to make and unmake our world. Christ introduced some new words into the system of the Jewish which conflicted with their everyday language. Words like, forgiveness, love, peace, faith, hope, Grace etc. are not usual words that they knew, they probably might have heard them but the understanding was not there and it was out of the ministry of Christ on earth that opened the eyes of the world and the Jews.
Example: Forgiveness was one of the usual words they hear, mostly during sanctification and purification. To them forgiveness was only from God to man, not among themselves. But during the ministry of Christ they heard Christ forgive people without them presenting an offering or even asking to be forgiven.  The baffled, some said he was blaspheming, some also developed interest to know how they can use such words to affect their world.
The words of Christ sounded common and some not achievable (e.g. Love your enemies and pray for them, Giving and sharing etc.), yet those words has been striving in our world till date. Those who live by them give testimonies of how their lives have been transformed and their hearts renewed.  Same can happen to us and our world if and only if we are willing to make changes.
The change must first begin with us by allowing the word of God to abide in our hearts and living practically by it each and every day. King David said ‘His word is a lamp onto my feet and a light unto my path’, he took steps which were in agreement with the commands and percepts of his God.
If Christians of today will seek for the word of God, meditate on them day and night, live accordingly and wait patiently for its manifestations, we will change our worlds and the world as a whole. Words carry power and ability to change situations. The issue has always been the kind of words we use and why we use them, 1st Corinth 13:1-7. 

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