Growing up, I was always told to obey the word and be a good child so I can go to heaven and not hell. I took this so serious and always made sure I was on the right course all the time.  Things have changed these days though.  "Good people" don't tell me to obey in other to go to heaven, rather they tell me to obey in other to become successful in life and to live long and to be favored. Believe me, I've searched the good news spreader's lips for a hint of possible heaven but all I hear is to acquire the material.  This concept made me think deep about life and religion so hard and then I realised ; if you tell me that your religion is the only way to become successful in life I'll point out a million other people who do not abide by your religious laws yet are successful and healthy. If you counter that and tell me your religion is the means of acquiring long life, yet again I'll point out a million people who are living long healthy lives. Don't even mention happiness because with that, there are so many happy people who don't even practice any religion. I'm not saying religion , especially yours is of no use to human kind.  Religion has done a lot of good to the right people.  Yes it has so I'd rather you tell people about the good news not what reward they should expect.  Don't impose religion on people because it will only make them want rather than give. There are some religious bodies that pray hard that the end time should wait because it brings chaos, pain, judgement and separation.  That which they are not prepared for,  and they would rather go through the full length of life with all the possible enjoyment and get old before the end. There is this other religious body that pray or meditate hard for the end time to come because,  they believe life is punishment and full of pain and the flesh is suffering every day but the end brings peace, rest,  and it's non judgemental. They believe it brings eternal rest and spiritual being where you don't have to feel pain or hunger anymore.  I won't mention any religion and I sure won't add more examples so that I don't confuse my readers or course you to question your faith. All I want to say is that what you believe in is what works for you.  If you found a faith and it works for you. Well share your faith and depict it but do not impose it and more than ever love everyone around you.
Love is the only consistent art in every religion.

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