We have been through colonization, slave trade and racism, but we still gained our independence and respect. However in recent times there seems to be a threat against all that we have accomplished. Many people are left in awe by recent events but has anything changed? Are these events new to us?
Racism, is this new? A lot of Africans and the black race in general are complaining about acts of racism and also how lots of our brothers and sisters are waiting to be deported from the Europe and the United States of America. Ghana alone has about 7000 people awaiting deportation in the USA. The complains and cries surprises me a lot because we are doing the same thing in Africa. We live in countries where some tribes and ethnic groups are accorded maximum respect and others disrespected. We do not even vote for people belonging to certain tribes to hold political offices and other positions in our communities. We disrespectfully call people by the name of their tribes, religious affiliation among others.
Citizens of a country can rise up and beat foreign nationals to death with the excuse that they are taking up all the jobs within the country. So forgive me when I fail to cry or complain when our brothers are deported or when a racist attacks us, cos I live through it daily in my country. I’m part of a race whose ancestors fought so they won’t be called “Negros” but whose current generation shamelessly refer to themselves as “Niggas”
In the past leaders and those who were well off in the society sold their brothers as slaves in order to enrich themselves. Majority of you reading this will say that it is no more, but has anything changed? Yes, no one is sold as a slave or bound in chains and put on a ship anymore but we continue to sign agreements that make citizens slaves to bills. Corruption is synonymous to politician in my part of the world. In order to acquire properties leaders overlook dangers that decisions they take poses to the future of their countries.
Yes the black race is marginalized but we are not faced with anything new. It the same things we do each day that is being done to us. The difference is that the perpetrators have a lighter skin. The good news is that we have our history to guide us, because our colonial masters didn’t come to meet a race that had no hope but one that had great resources, empires, a social structure and a race endowed with strength. The situation is still the same however we have the opportunity to decide how we want our story to be written.
The quest for many young people is to end the suffering of the black race, but to do this we must start from Africa like the scripture says “take out the speck in your own eye before trying to take out the plank in your brother’s eye”. It is time we treated each other with respect and live in peace and unity.

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