You should probably come back right?
The days we live are slowly turning night.
But of course you knew this day will come.
You knew when you deliberately gave the blind a mirror.
With a grin and a well planned strategy you thought of your actions as humour.
But hey I won't blame you for choosing antagony over protagony .
Your actions of monopoly
They were essential for the survival and dominion of your own.
Back from time travel to today
Why are my own still in a catacomb .
We have the mirror now yet the use of it seems to be in shambles
We study your dance from afar
Yet our bodies seem to learn not.
You failed to utter frankly
Your dance knows it's master only
Go back and pick up your own dance nigga
For your dance only knows it's master.
Of course you knew didn't you
You knew when you gladly gave up the mirror to the blind.
For you knew with the mirror the blind won't see.

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