Fathers show affection and love in their own way, which is quite unique from everyone else.

Our fathers deserve credit too. No wait, did I just say that as if they are irrelevant and we actually have to give them credit out of pity? Well I hope I don’t sound like that. What I really mean to say is that we underrate the love our fathers give. And we undermine how much we learn from them as we grow. Growing up as a child I remember how much I tried to imitate my dad’s posture and style of walking, and I know most of you guys had that feeling too. I remember wishing how much I would love to be as strong as he was too. I’m talking about the male parent the father, every young girl’s first crush growing up. Fathers are so important to the growth of young children. They look up to them for support, strength and in some cases comfort. A home without a father is never complete. That sense of leadership and protection is not really felt and very few women are strong enough to hold that position without breaking. Take a good look at your peers right now and look at the kind of lifestyle they live right now. Some of our male friends as teenagers have lived lives that are nothing to write home about . Others are simply just timid and packed with so much fear we just don't see them becoming any form of leader at any point in their lives. But when the time is right and conditions are favorable, a father can be made out of any man no matter the kind of life they live.
It's just wonderful how much love a man can develop for something that did not come out of their own body. But as soon as they hold their baby in their arms for the first time, men change. They are literally transformed , some men give up so much just to raise the perfect child. They give up a lot of their wrong doings so that their children can look up to them. As far as I can remember, I've always told people that my dad is my role model. Growing up I've seen how much my dad had to work just to keep his family happy . I love my dad so much I take father's day so personal. Most of us over look the efforts that our dad's put up just to care for us. Society has made it hard for them to cry out for attention but i feel their pain , hopefully OASIS and I can reach out and tell our fathers on this faithfull day how much we admire their courage when everyone else is afraid, their strength when everyone else breaks,and their continues support even when they don't have the means. Dear father it is your day and yes finally society is wishing you a well deserved HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. 

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