It is with great joy that I write this, because I see that you have stepped out of the kitchen. I see my sisters heading companies, leading campaigns and holding political offices. Sisters such as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf through their work cause us to remember great women in our history such as Yaa Asantewaa, Carlota Lukumi, Amanirenas and Ahosi ( Dahomey Amazons) whose stories are almost legend now. Indeed my sisters have done well.
In spite of the numerous achievement over the years, there is a growing trend that worries me. A great deal of you are giving up on your dreams with the excuse that men are scared of powerful women and women who hold high positions, others also do not even apply for certain courses at the university because of the number of years they will have to be in school in order not to delay their marriage.
I can’t condemn such decisions since our society places emphasis on marriage but I will like to encourage you to seek the best for yourself. Marriage should not be the end of your dreams, childbirth is also not an excuse to quit. It is sad to see sisters who looked like a million dollars before getting married step out a year after marriage looking like one cedi in the hands of a charcoal seller. You must not stop taking care of yourself because of marriage, work hard to look the way you did before marriage and childbirth or at least close to it.
It is not easy being a woman, this is a fact that I will acknowledge but it is going to be more difficult to be a woman and have a career for the next generation of women if you don’t take a stand today. Get rid of the mindset that men are scared of successful women and work hard to be the best in whatever field of life you find yourself. The greatness of a man is measured by his success in all aspects of his life and this must be the same for a woman if you want to stand as a man’s equal. Do not enter into marriage just to satisfy the society but it should be because it is part of your life’s plan.
To be a successful woman you have to work twice as hard as your male counterparts because, just your reproductive labor can serve as full time job. Unfortunately the society does not give you the credit you deserve. I know marriage and childbirth requires you to let go of certain things but it should not be the end of your dreams.
 I’m really proud of you because you have thrived in a society that favors your male counterparts, I can’t promise things are going to be easier but when you are faced with a situation that makes you want to give up, remember that you are where you are today because of decisions our mothers
The power of women is
took years ago and it is now your turn to continue the fight for a better society for women. Congratulations on your achievements so
far, looking forward to those ahead.

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