The family, household, church, school and place of work all have one thing in common and that is they serve as a source of socialization. But more importantly these institutions provide us the opportunity to network, this is a function that most people do not take advantage of.
Aristotle describes humans as “social animals”, he believed that humans are dependent on others for their growth and development. This believe was prominent in his statements, with one of my favorite being “the man who lives outside the walls of a city is either a beast or a god.” Interdependency is generally accepted and preached in all parts the world but are people aware of the opportunities at their disposal.
Your place of worship can be a great place to find a job or even to find someone to do a job for you. Your school is not only to help you get a certificate but it can facilitate team work and personal growth. By just belonging to a social institution you get to meet people from different backgrounds, with different skills set who can help you achieve your goals. I can attest to this since this blog is a product of such a network. I met all members of my team through different social institutions. The people you need are right beside you.
In recent times there has been an increase in the rate of networking in the society but sadly most people do not leave their comfort zones. It is easy to find a group of low income earners coming together to network and it is same for middle income and high income earners. In Africa people from low income families are even discouraged from mingling with those from high income ones “stay within your class”, “when you wear rags do not get involved in games that are aggressive”. Lots of great ideas go to waste each day because of such ideologies. Yes you are “poor”, but you have an idea, pitch it to the “Rich Man” so he can invest in you. You can’t expect everyone to earn the same amount, like the saying goes “all fingers are not the same”.
Wealth can be shared in a society, not equally though, but everyone will receive as they deserve. For this to happen there must be a renewal of our mindset. The time when the “poor” camped at one side and the “rich” at another is over. We need to come together and move ahead. Your society has all that you need for survival, step out of your comfort zone and expand your reach. There are lots of opportunities out there that you can tap into, all you have to do is to expand your network. Move out of your comfort zone, take a risk today. 


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