Some call it their peace, others refer to it as their escape from depression, anxiety and chaos. But no matter how much it helps you get over your worries and depression, you will always come back to level zero and thus, back to where you started and all your problems will return. When you find yourself in such a dilemma, then you should realize that you are abusing a substance. It doesn’t matter whether its legal or illegal in your side of the world what matters is the fact that people either abuse it or use it for reactions other than its intended purpose. The abuse of drugs have been around for a long time and for as long as it has been around, it has and will continue to do more harm than good. The most irritating part to me is the point where someone who abuses drugs decides to part ways with the substance and the person then has to go through so much suffering (withdrawal symptoms), going through these symptoms may not guarantee your total freedom, since the individual can actually result in problems associated with his physiological being or even in most cases mental. This article is intended to shed a little light on substance abuse and urge our readers to escape addiction and also to help their friends and family understand drugs and avoid its abuse.


Yes most of the time it’s a choice. It’s a mental picture of an individual’s view of himself that pushes him to abuse drugs. He may feel the urge to fit in with his peers. Especially amongst teenage boys, the feeling of being in tune as a group that does, most things together is such a good one for them. They may do almost anything to fit in a group as a fully functioning member and not just a follower or to be regarded as the weak link. Thus most men start abusing drugs as early as 15 and it mostly happens as a result of initiation into that ultimate group.  Others also, in some time in their lives realized that a particular substance is their source of confidence. So once they tried it on that faithful day when they needed to confront someone who irritates them and they realized that it gave them confidence, that was it for them. Now this substance is their ultimate motivation. They then keep using it over and over again to give them confidence and zeal to confront problems, escape shyness, relieve stress and anxiety but these people will always come back to the way they used to be once the substance wears off. So isn’t it better to learn to confront fears and anxieties by yourself rather than relying on drugs? The experimental minds of most teenagers get them in trouble most of the time, and in this regard, it’s a very costive price to pay. I don’t want to write off experimental minds of teenagers, it’s good to experiment but please get the right permissions or better yet do your research well. Many teenagers start abusing drugs because they wanted to experience how it feels like to be high. They may have it in mind that they are just trying it once but end up months later trying their hundredth.


The abuse of drugs is found everywhere around the globe, and in every land there seem to be some resistance fighting against this issue. But the biggest problem is when there is increase in drug abuse in your part of the world, amongst teenagers who are meant to lead your nation one day. Research from the Center for Behavioral Health statistics and Quality has shown that adolescents ranging between 12 and 17 years are increasingly abusing various forms of drugs in Ghana. This research also showed that about 70 percent of inmates at the psychiatric hospitals fall within this age group. The Narcotic Board Control Statistics also made research that showed that majority of these adolescents are from high school and tertiary institutions. Scientists in Ghana have reason to believe that about 50 000 people abuse drugs in Ghana while 70 percent of the mass end up mentally ill. As at 2016 Ghana our beloved country was ranked 3rd highest in cocaine transit in Africa. This personally is the most shocking of all the statistics going around about Ghana. Most people in Ghana have heard the rise of Tramadol abuse amongst Ghanaians. It was reported that market women, drivers and some students abuse this drug. The drug is a painkiller that functions like marijuana and can cause psychotic problems as well as damage vital organs in the human body. This drug also when worn out, can cause sleeping disorders where the victim turns to fall asleep very easily even in public. Other side effects in abusing this drug includes, diarrhea, nausea, and in extreme cases seizures, hallucinations, coma or even death.


The laws in Ghana that work on drugs are many and quite effective too.Anyone who  Imports and exports drugs without permission from the secretary of health for instance commits a crime which means the individual is to be convicted for a term not less than ten years.  Also where a court convicts a person for the possession and use of narcotics and later finds that the individual may have been innocent of the crime and may have just had it at that time unfortunately, the court may disregard the conviction of over 5 years and rather fine the person with an amount of ¢200,000.  Visit,-enforcement-and-sanctions-law To get your full update on these laws and regulations in other to stay safe.

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