Ghanaian star artiste Worlasi has hinted at the release of a music project which gave him clarity and balance mentally, emotionally and creatively.

On Facebook, Monday, March 13, 2023, the ‘You Saw Me’ hitmaker revealed the extended play’s (EP) title as ‘The.rap.y’, a play on the word ‘therapy’ and a hint at the EP’s genre – Hiphop/Rap.

“The.rap.y EP is a rap project created in the form of a Therapy Session,” he explained. “It is where I go through the complications and blockages I face with myself during my creative cycle.”

The rapper, record producer and singer-songwriter shared a career-saving insight he gained while in the process of creating ‘The.rap.y’.

“I realised each complication was a double edged sword that could elevate or destroy me as an artiste,” Worlasi Langani stated.

The antidote, he added, was finding “the balance.”

“I had to learn how to be honest with myself,” he explained. “This [project] helped clear things out for me mentally, emotionally and creatively, and I believe and hope it helps you as well.”

Understandably impatient to share the project with his fans, he took dedicated time to explaining the cover art for ‘The.rap.y’. Behind a red background, a table fruits and flowers is set before an eagle, wild cat, hare, human, goat, and a dog.

“Each animal you see represents each topic of discussion during these [therapy] sessions,” Worlasi illumined. “[The] topics are the song titles as well.”

He promised to share the tracklist for the EP later in the week.

“Let’s begin a journey of true honesty to thyself!!! #Therapy,” the musician and visual artist urged fans.

Source: Benjamin

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