Music has always been a crucial part of life. As the late reggae singer Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” It is for this reason there are so many great music in existence now. Today, we compile a list of the top 5 (five) rap albums in recent times that needs to be revisited just for their messages.

Below are the list:

  1. NOWHERE COOL – Nowhere Cool, an album realized somewhere in 2016 November by arguably the best rapper in Ghana and Africa at large, M.anifest has 16 songs on it which is pan African oriented featuring Nomisupasta from South Africa, Tumi Molekane also known as Stogie T from South Africa and  Brymo from Nigeria. Nowhere Cool also features Ghanaian artists such as Worlasi, Dex Kwasi, Cina Soul and our very own Ama Ata Aidoo. The album highlights the plight and daily activities of the ordinary Ghanaian. If you have never listened to any song from and would want to get on his music, Nowhere Cool album shall be an ideal introduction.

  2. FOR MY BROTHERS – If a colleague cannot be loud, the best thing to do is be his voice. On For My Brothers album, rapper and writer Ko-Jo Cue talks about the dreams and challenges, struggles and goals of his “Brothers.” For My Brothers album is a 15 track multi genre album which features guest artists Ai, J. Derobie, Maayaa, Worlasi, Show Them Camp, Llady Donli, Raphaela, Ms Fu, Boyd, Anae and Dzyadzorm. 

  3. ONIPA ANKOMA – the most spoken dialect within the Ghanaian community. Onipa Akoma is the album that in which Pure Akan as his name suggest goes with pure twi rap to highlight the intentions of his fellows and also out to public his ideas and thoughts. Onipa Akoma feature only one dope artist, Worlasi on the 1515 track album.

  4. NUSE – an artist is said to be “dope” when he is sorted upon for a feature. From the above list, one would notice that rapper and writer Worlasi has been featured on the top 3 albums in recent times. So it is only reasonable that he is featured on this list. Worlasi’s Nuse which translates to mean “Strength” or “Strength within” as translated by the artist himself earns the 4th spot having been one of the most alternative in this list. Nuse features 13 tracks in a well arranged and soothing order.

  5. MARY – defined as the most decorated rapper on the continent, Sarkodie earns the 5th spot on this listS. Mary albums features a list artists and was cowritten by singer Akwaboa Jnr. who was also featured on “Nobody’s business.” Mary album is an 11 track album which has a live band recording production.

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