"Maeyeng anthem is an afrodancehall song that talks about what's on many Bulawayo people's minds right now. Maeyeng is a mixture of Mae and the ndebele word 'yenga' which means to 'influence' .Mae is a mixture of 3 of my nicknames which I was given by people around me who thought I influenced them in a way.So when I wrote the song I was thinking of Bulawayo topics that I have influenced around my circle and got people talking and spreading about them.I was also taking other topics around Bulawayo outside my circle so I can express what the people from city feel in their hearts at the moment,to the world."

The song was written by Mandie Mae and produced by Mutual Beatz,a producer from Bulawayo.The whole project was mixed and mastered by Black Orient a local producer and sound engineer who is one of the best in the city of Bulawayo.The video was shot by Chief King and Taffy,directed by Forster McBird all from McBird entertainment.The cast includes the likes of Stewie Le Savage,Nolwazi,Vanessa (Vivo),Sisa,Gugulethu,Shantel,Mutual Beatz,e.t.c.

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