Many are those who would say she came into the limelight after Ebony had passed on because she looks Ebony.

Fast forward 2020 and IOna is out with an extended playlist called IOna EP. The Ep which dropped not long ago has so far had the required attention with E.W.O.N.A.M being the first song on the Ep.

E.W.O.N.A.M is an acronym which stands Every Woman Needs A Man. IOna opened her Ep with a Raggae vibe that sounds pretty much like "No woman no cry" by Bob Marley and her theme for the song stood out clearly "Every Woman Needs A Man"

Enter cues in as the second song on the Ep where she talks about the problems ladies go through as they grow up. With the main issue being having an affair with people with power before getting a job, In order to avoid such problems, IOna has set up her mind to be an independent entrepreneur so she can as well avoid "f" boys.

"Someha" talks about her dream man and all she wants from him. Over here can we say she is contradicting herself with reference to the previous song? Well no, in "Enter" she was talking about financial independence.

"Obra" dropped as track 4. The song which translates to mean "Life" elaborates our daily happenings and motivates us to not be scared and that God is alive.

Dziwomekoa which was sung in almost all "Ewe" was reviewed by the gorgeous Gloryhills Bharbhie (read more about her Here) and here is what she had to say about it "Dziwomekoa means is your heart clean?" More like IOna was questioning your state of mind, if you are pure in thought. 

Leave a comment below if you can help us understand it better. 

Peace Code ended the Ep on a good note with singer IOna calling for peace in this era. 

I personally think this is the right song we need in this era and she delivered it perfectly on that Raggae instrumental. 

IOna Ep is a blend of Raggae and a fusion of highlife and Afro beat and that makes her sound unique. The compilation is a solid one and kudos to her team for a great work done. 

Stream the Ep in the link below: 

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