Say Cheese was an instant hit when the EP dropped and till now has been loved by many.
In Say Cheese, Kidi more like takes a walk with his partner and as fun as it gets on the way, he asks his partner, " say Cheese, take a picture, strike a pose take a picture."

One man which is the only song which had a guest artist on it (Adina) talked more about a reassuring love relationship in which Kidi tells his lover (Adina) "you're the woman that I need, I be the one man that you seek, you set my heart on fire."

End in tears went opposite the narrative of all things are well in a relationship.
He talks about he not being mature enough and that love is scary and he might end up being the wrong person for that relationship the lady needs but Kidi thinks "everybody needs somebody but I am not that somebody."

One of the songs which is fast gaining attention is "Freaky Lord"
On "Freaky Lord", Kidi assures his partner not to worry about side chicks and that they (Side Chicks) know she (partner) is the number one.

Borga highlife is an interesting genre and Kidi hopping on it to perform "Next time I see you" as he tries to get this lady as a partner. "I know you're looking for somebody, I know. I know you're the one for me" as he says to this lady and says "next time I say you, I want to take you somewhere far away."

Kidi has being known for top notch vocals and a good act when it comes to highlife and on Blue Ep, he created a perfect love project.
Listen to the full project:

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