Troy Larmain is a Zimbabwean Singer/Songwriter.
He has recently been working on his first 2020 album titled "Finally 21". This is a 13 track album which sets to drop on the 15th June.
This album features both local and international artists.

" Finally 21 is a very personal and special album to me because it actually talks about my life, love life and all the struggles that l went through when l started doing music.
l started working on this album when l was in SA(South African) and "Ma Zone" featuring 88 plug beats x Naez was the first song to be written and recorded. The beat had so much energy and so many ideas popped up but we had to do something different and unique and that's how me and Naez composed the song.
I have been asked a lot of questions why l chose the name "Finally 21" for my album and the answer is so simple.
l said earlier that this album is all about me and I am releasing it on the 15th June.
That will be my birthday, turning 21 so l will be finally 21 years old", said Troy Larmain when Oasisgh asked him about the album.

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