Out of sight they say is out of mind. I guess that was what they were trying to do when they took away the pictures. They forgot to take away the memories or they just didn’t know how. There are a lot of days that I miss you but mothers day happens to be the worst. The memories don't seem to fade.

I still don’t get why the Lord had to take you away but apparently just as the heavens are far away from the earth so is His thinking different from mine. It sounded absurd at first because you taught me He created us in His image but growing up I realized no one actually understood it either, they were just acting strong.

I'm told the Big Guy has big plans, plans of good and not of evil, plans to actually make us prosperous. I just wish He will fill me in on His plans but I guess keeping people in the dark is His way of testing our faith.

They say everything happens for a reason, your mission was to help dad enter ministry and you accomplished it, so if the Big Guy got dad, dad found his purpose in life and you got a crown in heaven, what did we get?

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