Yesterday there was a celebration, one that brought warriors into the limelight. Like many others I had only heard legends of warriors, of their shining armours, the paths they paved and the glamour they wey associated with.

I got surprised recently, well, it was more of a dream come true for me. I met a warrior and her family.It was nothing as described, there's no shining amour, no funfair, they never get celebrated. In fact being this close to a warrior made me realise the often travel on a lonely road.

I'm filled with admiration for this family of warriors but what is admiration to them. The wake up each day ready to fight. Each battle leaves them with scars but they wear them with pride. It takes a toll on them mentally but they always keep their head up, I guess they've earned the right to do so.

How do you celebrate someone who inspires you, how do you tell someone you admire them, how do you support the strongest person you know, how do you get close to a warrior without interrupting their way of life?
Maybe one day I will be worthy enough to follow them into battle,until then all I can do is admire the warrior across the street.

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