For God, so LOVE the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believes in him should not perish but have an everlasting LIFE. John 3:16
This scripture which is the very base of Christianity gives a very close relationship between Love and Life.
That is why you will hear people call people they love "My Life" or "The air I breath".
So if you look closely love and life should go together. But my case is different. I have to choose between Life and Love. So here is my story.

My name is King, I'm a medical doctor and in love with Sandra a lawyer. We met at the University of Ghana level 400. And it was no doubt that we were made for each other. We love each other so much and just can't wait to get married.
Sandra was everything to me. Even her voice is enough to reverse my bad day.
A doctor-lawyer marriage will be exceptional so we thought.
For 3years of courtship, we did not have any problem at all

Our Problem started when I got a job at Ridge hospital. I have to work to justify my employment in other to be given full employment.
So most of the senior Doctors were taking advantage of me. They made me do some of their shifts for them. And due to that, I did not get enough time for my Sandra.
She comes from a rich home, so after been called to the Bar she joined her dad's law firm.
Sandra's dad was a very influential person and a close friend to the President.
I, on the other hand, comes from a poor home and had to go through a lot to be where I am today. I was on scholarship right from senior high to the university.  I had to do construction works, shoeshine, hawking on the street in other to buy books and support my ill mum.
Sandra has offered to help me, give me money or connect me to people that can help me. But I refused all, I wanted her to know that am in love with her just as she is and not because of her privileged background. After getting the necessary things I need, I will use part of my money to buy her surprises.

Sandra likes attention and value time together. She was very affable and very fun to be with. No one can get bored when with Sandra. Because of that, she has a lot of Guys including politicians and sons of prominent people been interested in her. Her family was not so much in favour of me being her Boyfriend, but they tried as much as possible to respect her will.

 all I wanted to do was to work hard and provide a beautiful home for my Sandra and our unborn kids. I do not want to even benefit a little from her families riches. It was my responsibility to cater for her even more than her parents did. So my zeal to work hard. So in addition to work, I was taking courses to become a surgeon. All this made me had just a little time for my Sandra. Some times it's only on WhatsApp that we chat, even that was delay messaging. Because she will be asleep before I close from school or work and so she will only reply when she is awake.

Sandra had to endure this for 3 long years. And now she is 27yrs and I am 29. She is under so much pressure to marry. Even though she understands me, she can't take it any more. My excuses were becoming way too much and are no longer justifiable. Other men are begging her to let them marry her including, the very handsome son of the President, Nelson. Nelson was a very calm, soft speaking and an accomplished Businessman with five different companies across the globe. Nelson was a divorcee with a child, who Sandra loves so much. The two have been friends since childhood and were marked to get married. But unfortunately, I came in before Nelson could propose and so was turned down. That was why he had to go marry. But three years into the marriage, they have to get divorced due to so many political reasons.

Things were getting better for me, I am not there but I can now clearly see the future. So no time to waste, I have to fully own my Sandra now before she is stolen. But I was in the United State for some workshop. So the idea was immediately I return I am going to surprise her. In the united state, I saved the life of the son of a rich man. Out of appreciation, the rich man bought me a very expensive car. With the promise of helping me set up hospitals across the world. I shipped the car down to use it as a token to my Sandra and also propose to her.
I never informed her about any of these happenings. They were meant to be a surprise.

When it was left for some one and a half week for me to come down, Sandra sent me a WhatsApp message that she thinks enough is enough and that she has grown fond of Nelson, that was always there for her. She loves me, but she thinks I love my career more than I love her. So she is falling for the pressure from her parents and also the President to marry Nelson.
That was a big blow to me. I messaged her back and said, I promise she should just give me one more chance. Let me come down and then we talk about it. As usual, my understanding Sandra accepted, only to remind me of how many of my promises I have broken to her. But she understands.

I couldn't wait to come back. I must marry Sandra at all cost. She is my life and the only lady I have known. I came back without letting Sandra know. Immediately I got home, I called her that I will come to visit her in her house the next day, that was Saturday in the presence of her parents. So she should please let them be at home.
She told me " King this is your very last ". She meant every word she said. She will not have any excuse from me again. And that if I fail, I only meant that I do not love and respect her. I took offence with some of her utterances but I did not show it, because she was more than right.

On that faithful day, I have to submit a report to the hospital. So my day was properly planed. I have no doubt in my mind that nothing can stop me on that day. I prayed and was convinced that my move was supported by God.
At around 11 am, I took off in other to get to Sandra's house before 3 pm.
I got to the hospital at exactly 1:20, nicely dressed in my all-white dress. By 11:37, I was out of the hospital driving towards Sandra's house which was just some 45minutes drive from the hospital. I passed by the Agent who cleared the car that was given to me by the US rich man from the port to drive it to the Sandra's location for me, an hour after I have gotten to the house.

Not long after I have left the Agent's house, I saw a young girl between the age of 4 and 5years been knocked down by a speeding vehicle. I quickly packed my car and went to assist her crying mum. The small girl got down from a very porche car and her mum was chasing her to come back, that was when another reckless car hit her and drove off. The mother of the little girl was just shouting for help " Someone help me ooo, someone help me. Am dead am finished. My girl is dying, oooh please God help me"
So I came and told her I was a doctor, so she should let me help, the little girl's pulse was very faint and in no time she may die. I quickly took the girl to a nearby clinic so they could help. So I  left my a car and all it's content just bare like that. Only for me to be told the clinic is not capable of admitting the child. I asked to see a doctor and was told the doctor was unavailable. I took some few things that could sustain the child for a while, the clinic does not even have an Ambulance and that it will take like one or two hours for an ambulance to arrive by that time the girl will be long gone.
I took the child in my arms again to transport her to Ridge hospital for treatment, only to find out that someone had stolen my car.

The girl's mums car was what we had to use. And it was far faster than my car. So in less than 10mins, we were at the hospital. The child has only some few minutes, or she will die, so I couldn't wait for anybody. The girl was so beautiful and innocent. She just can't die, I kept telling myself. Her mum will also not stop crying. The girl was also bleeding internally and have to be operated upon.
I was told there was no surgeon available, which means I have to operate on her myself, time was out for this little girl. I wasted no time at all, I have to stabilize her and make sure she is in good condition.

I told the nurses to call the other surgeon to come because definitely, I have not resumed work yet even though that was my hospital. I have to be at Sandra's house, her whole family is waiting for me after 6-7years of relationship. And also it was my only and last chance, if not I lose Sandra forever. It was 10mins past 3 pm and I don't even have my phone with me.

I quickly borrowed a phone from a nurse and was calling Sandra, I called and called but she will not pick up. I told the girls mum, I have to be somewhere and the time is far gone, so I have to go.  She started crying and begging not to let her daughter die. She will just not let go of me.
Only for a Nurse to come and tell us that the surgeon said he is out of Accra and now on his way coming. It will take him some 5hrs to arrive at the hospital. But the little girl just has only 2hours, after that if nothing is done she will die. There was no other person to also conduct the operation on the little girl.

LOVE and LIFE which one will I choose. I tried several times Sandra line but it was now off. Ooh God, what will I do? Before I could even say jack, the nurses came to inform me that the little girl was dying. What should I do?
I had to choose one and choose it quickly. Each decision has its own gain and lose.

If I choose LOVE and go to meet Sandra, this little beautiful girl will lose her LIFE. And if I choose LIFE, and save the little girl I was dem sure I was going to lose my Sandra forever. And all this decision I have to take just in a second. The Lady knelt and held my leg crying and I felt sympathy for her. But I love Sandra very much, I don't know how my life will be without her I have to save the girls life. I can't let her die. I must make these sacrifice to save a life and hope that God will also help me get my Sandra.

I went to the theatre and it was not easy. The fatality was grave and the condition looked almost impossible. I and other Junior doctor and nurses spent more than two hours in the theatre. The operation was successful, but she was still in a coma and so we were not sure if we did a good job. I had to sit on the side of the little girl's bed, with her mum, praying that God will intervene. My heart kept beating heavily and I kept asking myself have I delayed too much, have I lost both?

In two hours time, the little girl opened her eyes said gently said "mummy". It was like heaven and we were all fullied with joy. I did the remaining of the examinations on the girl and saw that all was less than a week she can be discharged. All the other doctors and nurses we all clapping and praising me. Her mum hugs me strongly and tears drop from my eyes. I just saw the time and it was passed at 9 pm.  I couldn't hold my tears. They were happy, but I was sad. My tears were flowing like a river and I sat on the floor. The woman noticed that it was not tears of joy like she thought.
So she sat on the floor with me and said: " oh doc, are you not happy you brought my daughter back from the dead". With a tearful smile, I said I was, but just that I have lost the love of my life. I told her about Sandra and me. How I was going to propose to her today. And today was my only chance. She just didn't know what to say. My cloth was soaked with blood. I have to go home and change.

So I went to change and it was almost 11 pm. I took a taxi and still went to Sandra's house, at least she should hear what happened if she won't forgive me. I got there and even the security guard refused to let me in, not because it was late but because they were told am no longer wanted even close to the house. I will just not give up like that. I begged to bribe them but they refused. I started shouting and shouting. For more than 39mins, I was shouting and the security guards were just helpless. Sandra finally came out but not alone. She came out with Nelson. I knelt down, but she was angry, her eyes were swollen. She said softly, King I want to hear any lie from your mouth. Please, just don't talk. How can you replace my love with a common car? Please I have accepted Nelson's proposal and I beg of you to respect it. I have sacrificed a lot for you, but you value your work and money more than my love. Please take your car key. I do not need your car. With tears in my ears, I opened my mouth to beg, but words will just not come out. Indeed I have lost my Sandra. Nelson was holding her right in his arm and comforting her. He said to man,  please respect her decision, I would have done the same if she should have chosen you. Please don't make it harder than it is for her. They just turned and went back inside. I started calling her name back and trying to explain, but she came out and slapped me on the face.
You foolish boy, you have caused my daughter so much pain. And if you don't get out of here, I will kill you with my own hands. In fact bring the car keys, for all the time you wasted for my daughter. I gentle gave it out. And the man went back in. I can't go home. Sandra must hear me. Is started to shout ageing. In just some few minutes the police came and arrested.

I spent two solid weeks in the police cells, and my Sandra did not even come to visit come. It was now clear that I have lost her.
 I was charged and arranged before the court. I decided not to pick a lawyer and to pleas guilty of the charge. I was charged to pay fifty thousand. Before my case was finally over, It was all over the news that NELSON AND SANDRA were getting married.
I have cried enough already all these two weeks I spent in cells. I barely have any tears again to shed.

As difficult as it might be, I must come to terms with the fact that I have lost half of myself (Sandra). And it's totally my fault.
I resumed work. Everybody had heard of my story and they sympathise with me. In a week to Nelson and Sandra's wedding, I decide to travel out of the country, but my permission was not accepted. As one of the best surgeon in the country, I was needed.

One day after a very hard days work, I was seated in my office when I was told three people wanted to see me. And lo and behold, it was the little girl and her mum with Nelson. He was shocked to the bone. The little girl ran to me and said mummy is this the angel that saved me?
I stood up and carried her in my arms. She then placed a kiss on my forehead, and she said please what is your name, I said my name is King. She said Doctor King if I grow up I want to be like you, please would you be my friend? I said why not darling, I chose you above the best thing in my life.

I then asked the lady and Nelson to sit down. And welcome them.
The lady said Nelson this was the doctor that saved the life of your daughter the day you refused to pick our calls. With soo, much shock Nelson stretched his hand and shook me. Thank you, Doctor King, for saving my diamond, I was shocked and so I asked is diamond your daughter? He said yes she is. For a while, a couldn't open my mouth. So the girl I saved was the daughter of the guy who took my Sandra away from me. Tears started to form in my eyes, so I quickly wiped it off and I smiled and said to you, welcome sir, it's my job.
The lady then asked? How is the lady you were going to propose to doing? Did she hear you out? I faked a smile and said no. She was taken by someone more deserving before I got there, and I have to even spend 2weeks in cells.

She opened her mouth and said what, ooooh all this for saving my daughters life? What can we do to show appreciation? Do you want me to go and talk to the lady and explain things to her? I smiled and said no, I chose to disappoint her, so I deserve it. But worth it. At least I have gotten a young beautiful friend.
The lady started to shed tears while Nelson was also cleaning his face with his hankie.

We sat there for more than 20mins nobody was talking. It was diamond who broke the silence and said: "Doc my father is getting married to Aunty Sandra next week, and am the flower girl, will you please come, because mum says she won't attend".  I became speechless. Nelson then said honey, please Doctor might be busy. Please don't worry about him. I then said yes, dad is right but if I have time I will come. She jumps and said please let me see you when you come. Nelson just said we have to get going.
But the lady was sensing that Nelson and myself might know each other. She then asked, do you two know each other. I then said, of course, he is the President's Son, who doesn't know him.
The lady then asked again.what was the name of your girlfriend. I then smiled and said I can't mention her name. Then she asks again please tell me so I can tell her how much of a good man he is losing. A man some of us will kill for.
At this point, I could see Nelson was becoming uncomfortable. He then shouted Mabel is gone. I have very important things to take care of. So they left. Immediately they stepped out, tears started to flow from my eyes. I was sad and happy at the same time. The beautiful little girl I saved is the daughter of the man who is marrying the love of my life.


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