I hold the opinion that an ordinary Ghanaian may never get a lifetime opportunity to meet with their favorite celebrities may be till the die this is due to the fact that very often the media is the link between celebrities and their fans, therefore for any ordinary person to get any opportunity to celebrate his favorite hero it's either by his own small way of buying their products or paying to attend their concerts.
What don't Ghanaians do for their celebs?

We do watch their movies if we get access to them, we attend their concerts if we get access to tickets.
The fans always play their roles but the biggest question is what role does the media play?
Apart from Interviews that media house may grant certain celebs, how often do they pick their works up for recognition and celebration?
These days the media don't even present works of some dormant celebs anymore.

Majority of the topics being discussed are full of jokes and out of trends, how can the fans know the current status of their celebs so they can celebrate them?
The fans feed on what the media Present to them and if the media don't present you as a hero, how can the fans celebrate you?
I like Bishop Bernard Nyarko very much, my wife knows it, I once told Nebu Francis about him and how I love his works , guess what I never had any opportunity to meet him to tell him, for a while I never saw him actively involved in the game like he used to since the media have given all those attentions to Over the top twi translated telenovelas.

How can I call into a program where Indians and Mexicans are busily been discussed to say that actor or actress is the best in the business?
In such cases, you can't blame the ordinary Ghanaian "Charley"!
Let's blame our media for feeding us with lotta "nonsense" these days.
Today Euni Melo , Lofty FullPage and co are all striving to be known receiving very minimum attention from mainstream media.

Guess what happens in the next few decades to come.
Would we blame the fans that made them phamous for not celebrating them or the media that never presented them as heros to be celebrated?
Please as we call for the celebration of our stars, let's call for the media to present our stars as heroes so we can celebrate them as they are alive.

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