In our quest to find peace and eliminate stress we created a dam. However we underestimated the number of streams that will fill the dam, our dam was not strong enough.
Instead of peace we created our worst nightmare, we directed all our fears into a dam and all that fear was released upon us at once.
But it wasn't all bad, for getting drowned in our stress and fear we were purged.
In our fear we discovered hope, in our loneliness we discovered ourselves, with neglect we valued affection, when pain came we saw the value of joy. Drowning in our thought we finally found the value in friendships and relationships. With the hate we learnt to understand people, for we noticed the pain behind their actions. In our weakest moment we finally discovered our strength.
In the midst of all our fear we said a simple prayer and today here we stand, with the strength of all our weaknesses and fears, and knowledge of the unknown. We wish we could be like you but no one can stay the same after going through what we have, so call us whatever you want but that will never change what we know.
Our quest was to find peace but in the end we discovered that we have always had it, we just spent all our time trying to escape our fears we never enjoyed the one thing we cherished.

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