The gentleman got close to me and put his hands on my hand and said: "Good evening miss, please how are you?". I am..... I could not open my mouth, tears filled my eyes and started to drop. He brought out his handkerchief, cleaned my face. He said, " I'm  Jayden, but you can call me Jay". And I want to tell you that you are alive for a reason. Your accident was very serious. And you been alive is pure miracle. His words were entering deep into my heart. He gave me a lot of words of encouragement and even cracked jokes for me to laugh. I spent two good weeks at the hospital and this Gentleman was always by my side. 

On that faithful Friday morning that I will be discharged from the hospital, my Gentleman came very early and stood by me to go through all my final examination. He will not let me concentrate, only cracking jokes and making me laugh very loud attracting attention.
He made me felt whole even thou I can not walk or even move my legs. I have to sit in a wheelchair for a very long time.  The doctors say they don't know when my condition will get better. We finished around 11 am, am he took me straight into his car and we drove off.

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In the car was a silence for a while, and I broke in, Mr Angel, please are you, Angel Micheal or Angel Gabriel. He couldn't hold his laughter. He laughed his ribs out. He took me to one of the best Restaurants in town, and we had a lot of fun. Can you imagine he was telling the white guys he will eat fufu😅? We became the centre of attraction in the Restaurant. 

He took me to his home. A very big house and he stays there alone. He told me he won't allow me to go home because he wants to see to it that am well. It's in his house that I saw his name on artwork. My Angles name was Elvis Owusu. The name Owusu rings a bell but just can't remember where. Of course, there are a lot of Owusu's in Ghana.

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He did everything for me. Some am even shy to mention. Elvis will bath me, dress for me and take me to school. He will come to pick me from school to his big office and we will work together and then come home. Even thou I couldn't walk, I was extremely happy. We sometimes sleep on the same bed, but Elvis will not tough me. I can push my whole body on him, he will only hold me close and that felt so good. Sometimes he will leave the room for me and go sleep in another room. The most shocking was he will give me money to send to my mum week. 

My dear readers, who will not fall in love with such a character. Sometimes I feel he might be impotent, but even if he is I will love him. I have been in his house for about 8months and it seems like each passing day I love him the more. I found out that he was an Evangelist. He got me a personal trainer who comes to train me every Saturday and Sunday's. So by God grace, I was recovering small.
I was shy to tell him about my son. I never mentioned it to him that I have a child. I was afraid he will not love me if he knew I had a son.

My school was on vacation, so Elvis asked me " Rose will you want to visit mum". I jump and said yes, only if you come with me. He just smiled and touched my nose. I mastered the courage and ask him, Elvis do you have a girlfriend?
He looked shocked and shy at the same time. He then said no. And that he has done some terrible in his past as a child. And that he is looking for an opportunity to apologise to those people. Before he looks for a wife. Before I could ask another question, my phone rang. It was my mum.

On Monday Elvis came home with two plane tickets to Ghana. He knelt before me and said "Rose, my flower. I Love you and would want to be with you for the rest of my life. Can I travel with you?".
I can swear that this is the best news I have received all my life.


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