Once lyrical prowess is the agendum of the day, there is a list that can be mentioned except you can't take out arguably the best African rapper out, M.anifest.
Today, we shall check out his 2016 album named Nowhere Cool and answer the question; is it worth listening to in 2020?
For an album whose first song, Nowhere Cool has a line like "This album don't make me happy and rich
I will gladly hang up the mic" one should know M.anifest did not play a loss game on the album. Invisible, arguably the best written song on the album takes a look at situations that tend to make others change, society and how we appreciate our neighbours.
BEAR fused hip hop with afro beats for M.anifest to deliver one of his best punchlines on it.
It was not long when he decided to tell us "Don't wait or calculate
Be generous I'll reciprocate
Too late to procrastinate
Allow so we can all be great" on Hand dey go, hand dey come which he featured singer, rapper Worlasi.

When two of the best lyricists from Africa meet on one beat there is birth to a classic piece and this piece was named Rich People Problems which featured South Africa's very own Tumi Molekani (Stogie T).

Palm Wine and Whiskey saw Dex Kwasi do a flawless chorus on a beat he produced himself.
Sugar saw Nigerian vocalist, Brymo deliver his best yet vocal in a while. "Person wey get money na e dey love
Oya cut me the paycheck mek we fuck" was the first line of the chorus.
Cupid Crooked Bow follows up after Sugar. This song featured South African singer NomiSupasta.
Simple Love was the shortest yet one of the most catchy songs on the album. It was only 1 minute 51 seconds.
Ozymandiaz which was influenced by the 1818 Percy Bysshe Shelley poem, Ozymandiaz was track number 10 and lines like "Have you ever seen a king
Who was not a man?
Have you ever seen a statue
Giving out commands?
Have you ever seen a king
Who was not a man?
Have you ever seen a statue
Giving out commands?" maybe you have but me: no.
I think Ozymandiaz was his best written on the song, what do you think?
Just like track 3 (BEAR), Damn you Rafiki picks a similar narrative; fearless, punchlines and addressing issues like "Man of influence, well what is it he endorses?"
And going ahead to claim his number one spot with "Only two rappers in Africa
Me and no one in particular"
At this moment I guess you've being reading for so long that Time no dey became the next track. Time no dey featured singer, writer and rapper Worlasi. Worlasi had already appeared on Hand dey go, so you can already tell how good he is.
I guess when you start with a song like nowhere cool and people feel uncomfortable in their current situation, you need to give them hope and that's what M.anifest did on the 13th track he titled Now Here Cool.
Now here cool featured singer Cina Soul and prolific writer, Ama Ata Aidoo
After about 54 minutes of listening to back to back classic music on the Nowhere Cool album, M.anifest had to say Goodbye. He featured Brymo yet again to end the album on a bittersweet mood.

Now the bigger question is, "Is M.anifest's Nowhere Cool album worth listening in 2020?"
For an artist who has been a lover of conceptual projects, there is no way a project of his could ever be outdated. Yes, M.anifest's Nowhere Cool album is worth listening in 2020 and you could even pick an older project like Apae (Price of free Ep) and you would still enjoy it as if it was released recently.
M.anifest is currently promoting his Ep, The Gamble; a project which sees the rapper contemplate on the risks we take in life and love.
Listen to The Gamble Ep below:

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